In some bad news for the bushfire ravaged country of Australia, authorities are predicting that things are set to get even worse over the coming weeks.

With the nation desperate for a reprieve from the awful bushfires, emergency services chiefs have today warned that they are bracing for a critical shortage of Test cricket.

That announcement comes as the Australian Men’s Cricket Team prepares to skittle the subpar Kiwi side and wrap up the summer of Test cricket.

Scotty from Marketing is yet to address the looming shortage of Test match cricket, which as he predicted a month or so ago, gave those affected by bushfires plenty to cheer for.

Speaking briefly this morning NSW Fire Chief Shane Fitzsimmons said firefighters across the state are preparing for the ‘catastrophic conditions.’

“It’s pretty clear there won’t be any reprieve until the boys take on India in some One Day Internationals over there, so we are preparing as best we can,” he said.

“I haven’t spoken to Scotty about the worsening conditions, but I’m assuming I’ll be informed by the media a few hours after he publicly declares he’ll do something.”

There are 136 fires still burning in NSW and 31 in Victoria as residents of fire-affected regions continue to fight the devastating blazes.

“At least we’ve got a bit of Big Bash still on,” said one tired South Coast firefighter whose spent his Christmas holidays working around the clock.

“Just got to get through this next rough patch.”


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