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A local small Italian Cafe/Restaurant in Betoota’s French Quarter has shocked the ATO today.

Barely two months since the end of the financial year, Il Grassa Chode has just filed reasonably accurate tax documents.

In a piece of admin that has left many at the ATO scratching their head, it’s believed the cash-only business decided to get it out of the way nice and early instead of waiting the normal amount of time before filing.

“Not only is it about 4 years before they realistically need to file, and 2 years before we’ll start mildly hassling them, but it seems like it’s pretty honest,” said some haircut from the ATO who entered the field because he wanted to chase multinational tax-avoiding companies but soon realised it’s all too hard because of the complex structure of the system.

“Like, the quantities of food seem accurate, the actual sales seem pretty close, and everything seems pretty much shipshape,” he said.

“I mean obviously they have fibbed a little bit, as does everyone, but they aren’t completely pulling the piss so I’m pretty happy to give them a big old pat on the bat and tick the box saying they are all good to go.”

“Anyway, I’ve gotta go run the microscope over some other small business while the big boys run free.”


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