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The third season of Disney+ and FX’s drama series ‘The Bear’ has returned to screen to rewrite the script on the hospitality industry. 

The new season has shattered stereotypes that chefs are suave characters, by representing the gritty, chaotic and emotionally charged reality behind the doors of a kitchen that’s so authentic, any person who’s ever worked in a busy restaurant will find themselves wincing.

While any person who’s ever worked in a busy restaurant can attest to how accurate FX’s The Bear is, the TV show has given local woman Laura Hendelson her first ever insight into the hectic life of a commercial kitchen – which is a far cry from the cooking shows she grew up watching as a kid.

“I watched a lot of Nigella and Jamie growing up, a bit of Huey…and the great Anthony Bourdain of course”, Laura said to our reporter.

“So I’ve always envisioned the chef life would be super exciting.”

“You know, travelling the world, trying fancy cuisine, that sort of thing.”

Having steered clear of shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, mostly because her parents weren’t that keen on exposing her to such profanity, Laura says this was her first glimpse into just how stressful managing a kitchen can be.

“I didn’t realise it was so…full on?”,Laura admits, having never experienced a docket machine not working or being severely understaffed during a dinner rush.

“It’s so…exhilarating?”

More to come.


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