Local Betoota Ponds electrician, Keiran Nutley (27) has today once again dismissed the actions of the Australian Federal Police as nothing but a right-wing smear campaign.

While he may have a point when it looking at the last couple of high-profile investigations by the AFP, it would seem that he doesn’t seem to give a fuck about the ABC or Newscorp journalist who had their homes and officer raided last year.

According to Kizza, the Feds only raid unions, and he is of the opinion that is only because the Prime Minister tells them to.

This follows the news that the Australian Federal Police officers are raiding a number of properties across Sydney as part of an investigation targeting officials from the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union.

Officers are searching the CFMEU headquarters at Sydney’s Pyrmont, and a number of other raids are underway across that corrupt city.

The AFP says the raids are part of an ongoing investigation and it will not be commenting further, the CFMEU have said that they will not be commenting either.

But ya wanna know who is commenting on all this.

Keiran is.

Despite the fact is represented by a completely different union, Keiran says the CFMEU are simply being targeted because ScoMo is a right-wing fuckhead who wants to see thousands of men and women dying in worksite accidents.

When asked by his mates if he has any inkling that maybe their might be a bit of scallywag behaviour in the upper ranks of the construction union, and whether this might explain why the AFP have needed to go as far as developing a Trade Union task force to specifically work on the execution of search warrants, Keiran says get fucked.

“Why didn’t they raid RoboDebt? huh? Riddle me that?”

“Why didn’t they raid Engadine Maccas?”

“It’s because the AFP are the jackboots for this corrupt Liberal government”

“And the CFMEU have dun nuffin wrong”



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