The capital of Australia is currently getting full Canberra right now it can be confirmed.

Get the lowdown on tonights’ big dance here:

This comes as the Canberra Raiders get set to face the well-oiled machine that is the Sydney Roosters in tonight’s Grand Final.

As the nation jumps on the Milk bandwagon the geographic home of the team is currently degenerating right now.

Local Raiders diehard Dale Wilson who is currently enjoying is 5th Lime Green Schooner said this like every single Christmas rolled into 1.

“Mate, this is what heaven feels like,” he said enjoying the schooner whilst pretending the droplets of food die haven’t done anything to the taste of the drink.

“I’ve got 2 litres of full cream milk right now, and I’ll be bombing that the minute Big Papa crashes over to score the winning try.”

It can be confirmed that the rest of the venues around the bush capital are currently unleashing their inner sicko right now too.

“There couldn’t be a bigger mood right now,” said a spokesperson for the city.

“Up the fucking Milk.”


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