The capital of the great state of Queensland is currently licking it’s wounds, it can be confirmed today.

After one of the largest weekends in modern history, Brissy has switched itself to ‘Low Power Mode’ today.

For those android users who often get forgotten by media organisations and popular culture, Low Power Mode is the iPhone function that is prompted to kick in when the battery is getting close to empty.

Often opted for when at 20%, Low Power Mode allows for the battery to conserve energy by only conducting tasks that are absolutely necessary.

That mode has also been applied across Brisbane, with the nation’s largest country town currently only performing required tasks asked off it.

This follows a mammoth weekend, where the Matildas put on a game for the ages at Lang Park, Luke Combs performed a belter couple of concerts and the Ekka kicked off at the Showgrounds.

“Fuck, I’m running slow,” sighed a local Brisbanite who managed the holy trifecta.

“Combsy in my country kit on Friday night, Caxton street and the Tillies on Saturday and the Ekka on Sunday,” he laughed.

“Was quite a sizeable few days.”

“But maybe some of the best of my life.”

“I thought I’d need to be hospitalised after that penalty shoot out, bit a few sugarcane champagnes post the Cortnee Vine penalty got the heart pumping again.”

It was also a rather large weekend in the jewel of the Queensland Outback, with the Mount Isa rodeo simultaneously taking place over the last few days.

“Big couple days for Queensland aye,” continued the Brisbanite, entering his second hour of lunch.

More to come.


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