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In the latest tale of survival, Brisbane dad Ian Grey has sent an urgent message to his Byron Bay based adult children to warn them about the active Covid cases 1000kms south of them in Sydney. 

Having allowed his children to explore creativity and arts Grey was hardly surprised when his three offspring partook in the natural migration to Byron Bay.

“They’ve done so well, only one of them is anti-jab so I’m basically the proudest dad there is,” stated Grey, as he enlarged the text on his computer so that he wouldn’t miss a single detail of the Sydney Covid outbreak. 

“A case in Sydney? Oh dear, I better post them those extra masks.”

As a former truck driver, Grey is aware of the European country sized distance between Sydney and Byron Bay yet that did not stop him from starting a new family chat to warn his children that the spicy cough waits for no man. 

The message read as follows:

“Hi guys, dad here (lol) I’m sure you’ve seen there have been several cases just down the road from you guys in Sydney. I know you guys are sensible but please wear a mask, wash your hands. Please respond to this so I know that you’ve seen it and remember TRUST NO ONE. Love dad.” 

According to Grey’s youngest child Lillian Grey (22) this is classic behaviour for her dad who in 2017 also sent a warning to his children, urging them not to look directly into the solar eclipse that passed over North America. 


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