A boyfriend caught liking scantily clad women on Instagram has gone on the defensive today, after his aggrieved girlfriend finally plucked up the courage to confront him.

It’s alleged Jasmine Hoellering [27] had noticed the activity roughly three months ago and had tried very hard to play the role of the cool girl and not let it bother her.

Had Jason just liked pictures of celebrities or influencers outside the realm of Betoota Heights, Jasmine might not have been that bothered – though it was still very hard not to compare her figure to the perpetually hot Alexis Ren.

Instead, Jasmine is said to have reached boiling point when she realised that not only was he following girls in her home town but that he’d consecutively liked every post for months.

When asked to stop doing it, it’s alleged Jason had immediately responded with an ‘I don’t even look at what I’m scrolling’ and that ‘she should just stop being so insecure.’

Jasmine speaks to our reporter about her troubles.

“It does bother me”, admits Jasmine, “I know half these girls and I don’t look anything like them.”

“To me, taking the time to like a provocative photo is showing interest.”

“Why can’t he just scroll past without liking anything?”

Adding that she doesn’t mind if her boyfriend watches porn, Jasmine says the issue is that the girls are accessible and that instead of respecting her boundaries, he makes her feel as though her concern isn’t invalid.

“I feel so stuck. I can’t say how much it bothers me or I’m called controlling.”

“It doesn’t feel right that my boyfriend is expressing interest in women for everyone to see.”

“I just don’t understand why he gets so mad about it though. It’s such a simple thing to stop doing?”

More to come.


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