54-year-old Steven Francis has today alerted some of his colleagues to the fact that he is far more clued into reality TV than he would ever admit.

The middle manager at a large faceless finance company in Betoota’s Old City District did so by weighing in on a conversation about the premiere of the program with some choice comments.

“Jesus Christ what was going on with the firefighter,” said the nonchalant father of 3 teenage girls about a situation that on the show last night that left a bloke in tears.

Receiving a couple of raised eyebrows from younger colleagues in the office who were gathered round in an impromptu debrief of the debut of Angie Kent – someone apparently famous from some other reality TV show.

“More drama on the Bachelorette than the Bachelor if you ask me,” said the avid 7mate viewer.

After dropping the sentence that probably could have given him an out from the conversation, Francis then weighed in again.

“The brother thing? What was going on there?” asked the man who might enjoy the Bachelorette a little bit more than he publicly proclaims around the office.

“Anyway, I’m sure I’ll hear about it at home,” said the dad pretending like he couldn’t just get up and do something else while the show was on.


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