The most politically activated demographic of the southern end of the Sutherland Shire have decided they might have had enough of their local member, according to the grapevine.

This comes the Member For Hughes, Craig Kelly MP, continues to embarrass both the Liberal Party and his relatively safe Liberal electorate with Mullumbimby-style medical skeptic conspiracies.

As the most powerful voter block in Australian politics, the disgruntled boomer housewives have been responsible for the several body blows for the Coalition over the last ten years.

Starting with Tony Windsor, the Independent for The New England, who rode his way to holding the power of balance on the back of puffy Kathmandu jackets and CWA meetings.

Then there was Kerryn Phelps, the short-lived Member for Wentworth who become the first non-Liberal elected to her seat – as the Double Bay mums sought to punish the Coalition government for the disrespectful treatment of their darling Malcolm Turnbull.

However, the one blue-ribbon explosion that Morrison loses the most sleep over is the ousting of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in what was once the safest Liberal electorate in the country.

Former Olympian turned barrister and vocal climate change advocate, Zali Steggall roared home in 2019 on the simple but effective campaing slogan “Time’s Up Tony” – proving that moderate Liberals shouldn’t have to put up far right anti-science white supremacists if they aren’t feeling it.

Now, as the affluent suburbs south of Cronulla are now forced to come to terms with the fact that their four-term MP actually believes that the current pandemic is a mind control tool and that medical experts are lying to the public in an attempt to purposefully destroy our economy, the same conversations are starting to take place in the Hughes electorate.

Local Sutherland boomers Debbie, Dot and Diane are ready to ‘Call Time On Craig’

“Look, I’m not voting Labor..” says Dot.

“But I take issue with my local member referring to Cardinal Pell’s victims as drug addicted liars”

Debbie agrees.

“Yeah, I also don’t think arsonists were responsible for the millions of acres of bushlands burning to the ground last year”

“And don’t get me started on the shit he’s posting about Muslims and the Chinese every other day” says Dianne.

“I haven’t really been a big fan of his since the table setting I bought from his family’s furniture business exploded into pieces of Chinese chipwood”

“One more conspiracy of Facebook and I’m gonna have to say catch ya Craig.”



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