A local manly man has brought on a few subtle grins down at a Betoota Heights mechanic today, after carrying on just a little bit.

Accountant Wil McCrighton did so when he decided to take his wife’s sensible and economically smart Kia Rio in for a bit of a service.

The son of a builder and nurse who has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder about his masculinity, said he decided to personally take his wife’s car in to avoid the ‘Mechanic’s Tax.’

However, his desire to avoid paying for things like new wiper blades had an unexpected result.

He reportedly felt the need to constantly assure the mechanic that he didn’t usually drive a Kia Rio.

“4 times I think he mentioned that it was the wife’s or the missus car,” laughed John Greg from Precision Tuna and Wheels.

“‘Just um bringing in the wife’s car haha,’ was the first thing he said to me,” laughed Greg to The Advocate this morning.

“Made sure to say it loud enough so the other couple of blokes could hear as well”

“I can just picture him doing the small car squeeze on the way here trying to avoid eye contact with any blokes he sees on the road”

“It’s a good sensible car, I’m not sure what he’s so concerned about”

The man at the centre of the controversy explained to us that it’s just not his type of car.

“Look, I’m more of a Raptor guy,” McCrighton said in his deepest voice.

“And as a man who has never had a callus on his hands, whenever I have to interact with blokes like mechanics, I get a bit self-conscious about things,” he laughed.

“So yeah, turning up in a Kia Rio is something I feel the urge to clear up pretty quickly.”


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