Local man Jake Nottingham has today revealed his real reasons behind not giving homeless people money, though no one’s asked his opinion on the matter, anyway.

The Betoota French Quarter real estate agent tells our reporter that he regularly walks past homeless people on his way to work but that he’s ‘never felt the inclination to drop in a couple of coins.’

This comes shortly after he took to Facebook to brag about the latest million dollar property he’d sold that week, followed by a smarmy picture of himself doing the thumbs up in front of a home that appeared to be a replica of the white house.

“I think giving homeless people money just adds to the problem”, says Jake, “I mean, where’s the incentive to work?”

Though Jake has his parents’ trust fund to fall back on should he ever be unceremoniously fired, he firmly believes that those living it rough should do themselves a favour and ‘get a job.’

“Surely it’s not that hard to get a job? McDonalds is always hiring.”

“Like go to the library and print a resume, it’s not rocket science.”

Adding that he doesn’t believe mental illness, traumatic life events or the high cost of housing is a good enough reason to be on the streets, Jake says all homeless people are drug addicts anyway.

“You make bad choices and that’s what happens bro.”

“That’s why I’d never give them money.”

“They’ll just spend it on drugs, and I don’t want to enable their bad behaviour.”

When queried if he ever spent money on drugs, Jake sheepishly admits he likes doesn’t mind a bag every other weekend but that it ‘doesn’t really count as it’s not that bad.’ 

More to come.


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