As he sadly sifts a fork through his salad, local bloke Julian Carter begins to question if the abs are worth it or if he should just start embracing the dad bod.

A proud ‘gym rat’, Julian was known to frequent the local gym up to five times a week, often seen sporting a stringlet and perspiring in front of the mirror in the weights section.

But despite this commitment, Julian has always had trouble sticking to the adage ‘bodies are made in the kitchen’ by reportedly having too much of a penchant for deep-fried chicken, and not that boiled shit.

However, if he’s ever going to reach his goal of 10% body fat or the much-desired calf gains, Julian is going to have to cool down the carb intake and eat more of his greens – or in today’s case, a sad-looking Caesar salad without any dressing.

“It’s bullshit”, mumbles Julian, “it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you have to keep going forever?”

Chewing the last bit of protein nestled between a fat wad of lettuce, Julian continues to search through the leaves for any hidden bits of bacon or stray flakes of cheese.

More to come.


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