Queensland Maroons coach Billy Slater has today issued a resounding statement to the poisonous Southern media.

After being hounded by the worst winners in the history of State of Origin, Slater has fired a stunning shot across the bows at those who simply don’t understand the concept of Origin football.

Slater explained, ‘that at the end of the day, Queenslanders are all Queenslanders, and the state is united by being Queenslanders who love Queensland, in Queensland.’

And also outside of it.

The comments come after journalists tried to hammer Billy with questions about changing the team just minutes after the full time hooter went on Game 2.

Despite changes needing to be made to the team, Slater refused to crack to the media class that get their dopamine hits off conflict, chaos and disunity.

With the Origin decider now just one week away at the fabled Lang Park, Billy has issued a stern reminder about why the Blues have only ever won 2 deciders at the famous ground.

“Mate, we are Queenslanders,” laughed Slater.

“I know you think I’m just repeating myself.”

“But you just don’t understand the concept of being a unified State who supports their team,” he laughed.

“All your warring factions, stirred up by red wine drunk shit talkers who all live in the Eastern Suburbs or the lower north shore of Sydney.”

“The NSW media talk about me being under siege?”

“We’ll see who’s under siege next Wednesday night.”

“In Queensland. In a house chocked full of Queenslanders.”

“With a team of Queenslanders ready to represent their state.”

More to come.


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