A local big man is enjoying the sweet taste of democracy this morning, stopping by an election bake sale to support his old primary school.

Standing in front of a buffet spread of homemade muffins, cakes and the ever popular Mars Bar slice, it’s understood local unit Dylan Cotter has begun searching deep into his pockets for an elusive $5 note.

After being greeted by the friendly eyes of his old year 3 teacher ‘Mrs Clark’, it’s believed Dylan’s impressed to learn that this year his old primary school has upped their game and now have a tap n’ payment system available.

“Hi Dylan, oh it’s good to see you, I think the last time I saw you was the last election,” cooed the ever sweet Mrs Clark.

“Now we’ve got this tappy thing this year so you can go nuts, choose any three cakes for $5!”.

Given licence to choose from a wide ranging spread of packet mix delicacies on display, it’s believed ‘Big Dill’ stuck with the classics this morning, picking up a paper plate hoping to load up with fairy cakes.

“I think I’ll stick with these ones today Mrs Clark, may I please have three of your famous fairy cakes before you run out!” replied Dylan.

Wearing white rubber gloves and clinking a pair of tongs in an effort to stick to food safety compliance, it’s understood Mrs Clark began stacking her former student’s plate high with fancifully decorated vanilla cupcakes.

Taking one look at the size of Dylan’s 6ft frame, it’s believed Mrs Clark decided to give some preferential treatment to her former student and captain of the School chess team, dropping a bonus Jam Drop biscuit onto his plate.

“Oh Dylan, it’s good to see you’re staying out of trouble…”

“It’s a big day, have another one for the road…”

More to come.


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