The Australian egg shortage has led to a lot of memes, but there is one group of men who are not cracking up.

The Australian Bald Men Society (ABMS) have stated the amount of egg-related jokes at their expense has reached boiling point.

“Stop telling me to assemble 11 of my bald friends and solve this shortage one carton at a time,” stated ABMS spokesman Ian Pilkington.

In an exclusive with The Advocate, reporter Louis Burke was allowed to attend a meeting of the ABMS to gather opinions from the bald public and do an orientation day of sorts.

“In an era of body positivity, bald men continue to be left behind,” stated ABMS member Karl Stewart.

“When are people going to release rubbing my head for good luck is a hate crime?”

“Plus, my head doesn’t even look like an egg, it looks more like a sodding TicTac! I know that because that’s my nickname on every fucking group chat I am in!”

According to the ABMS they will continue to fight jokes about their egg-like appearance and continue to spread their movement by making sure new members are poached.


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