When it comes to dating, local woman Theresa is pretty damn efficient.

So efficient, her sleuthing skills have her finding everything she needs to know about a person even before the first date.

With the dawn of the digital age, blind dates are no longer blind, as it’s all too easy to find out everything from mutual friends and the high school they graduated from, to their career and estimated salary thanks to LinkedIn and Glassdoor. 

According to Ryan Seymour’s Bumble profile, he’s a HR and People Officer for a local law firm – which roughly equates to $70,000 – $80,000 a year.

That’s not to say that Theresa is dating solely for financial gain, but more she’s like a bower collecting as shiny pieces of information she can before she makes a decision.

Such as the address of his parent’s property in Nimbin, which was bought for $416,000 in 2016 – a piece of information she’ll have to make sure she doesn’t let slip if she’s had one too many sauvignon blancs.

This scrupulous research has so far earned Ryan a big tick, as well as the fact that he doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account under his name.

However, she does wish he’d updated his profile pic from three years ago, as there’s no way of knowing how current his Bumble photos are or if she’s going to be surprised with a random beard.

More to come.


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