Strawberries Australia is ducking for cover today after being plastered for their latest promotional campaign.

In a spectacular marketing ploy, the peak Strawberries body has faced heavy criticism for it’s ‘Find A Golden Needle To Tour The Strawberry Factory’ competition that has made headlines.

This comes after people around the country have sighted sewing needles inside their strawberries, with one man hospitalised after swallowing half a needle.

The backlash has been severe, with commentators and the general public questioning what Australian Strawberries were thinking.

In an official statement sent to The Betoota Advocate this morning, the body’s chief William Stronka explained that they really wanted to make a statement with their new campaign this year.

“We thought strawberry eaters might have been excited about the exciting tour that we are offering at our weird, wonderful and magical strawberry factory,” Stronka said.

“However, instead of jumping for joy and grasping the golden needles, everyone is complaining and some people have gone to hospital.”

Stronka explained that while the campaign has received a lot of negative attention, the incredible tour is still available.

“We encourage those who discovered our needles to please still come and explore our factory. The Strawbavator is an incredible contraption, and the Everlasting Strawberry will blow your mind,” he said.

The head of Strawberries Australia did confirm that next year they might just stick to promoting the fact that strawberries are super cheap around this time of year because of a product glut.

“Lives and learns aye.”


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