As the school holidays continue, Australian parents are becoming very familiar with the common phrase “I’m borrrrred”.

Betoota local Amelia, 5, says school holidays are boring because she has nothing to do.

“There’s nothing to do heeeeere” she said, in a bedroom full of Christmas presents which bears a striking resemblance to the inside of a piñata at a Frozen-themed birthday party.

“I already did all the fun stuff yesterdaaaaay. I did some of the puzzle, I did some pages of the colouring book, I put together part of the Lego. Now there’s nothing to dooooooo”.

Luckily mum Sam has a sure-fire solution to the boredom, handed down through the generations; “How about you clean up your room if you’re bored? At least put all those pencils away”.

Suddenly, with the realisation that the rest of the day could be spent aimlessly rolling pencils across the floor and occasionally putting one in a pencil case when mum walks past, Amelia’s boredom is instantly cured as she is struck by a sudden epiphany.

“Hmmm. Maybe I’ll do some more colouring in”.

“How about you clean up your room first?” asks mum.

“Nah, I’m not that bored”.


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