A Fitzroy-based Social Media Activist has taken things to the next level today, by actually doing something about an issue other than just posting online.

The #NupToTheCup warrior who posts about horse racing on the first Tuesday in November every year, has decided to leave his inner-city enclave and physically act on an issue that he claims to be super passionate about.

Max Smith says that while it will be the first time he’s left inner-city Melbourne for something other than an out-of-state trip or a quaint little Airbnb weekender, he’s excited.

“I mean, obviously there’s lots and lots of bogans out a Kyneton today, but I think they deserve to know that this whole industry should stop because me and all of my friends who echo back the same perspective think it should,” Smith said today.

“It’s kind of nice up in the Macedon ranges I think, but the country races out here are so fucked.”

The young man who lives rent-free in a property his Toorak-based parents bought as an investment a few years back, says that stopping the Melbourne Cup is one of the most pressing issues on the national agenda – for this week at least.

Despite a million children going hungry this week or incarceration rates still being fucked, Max says the biggest issue for him today is horse racing.

“It’s really easy to have a hot take on it as a privileged white man living in an inner-city,” Max said.

“Like seriously bro, fuck horse racing,” said the man who used to attend the races in the member’s section on his old man’s pass before his re-brand a couple of years ago.

“Animals shouldn’t be bred for human pleasure,” said the owner of a sickly 3-year-old French Bulldog.

“Anyone who supports this industry is human trash,” continued the man who is so caught up in his own insular bubble that he just attacks anyone with a different perspective and writes them off as a fuckwit.

“And polarising the debate like this is exactly how we can improve the nation and make progress on issues, by branding anyone who doesn’t agree with you as a piece of shit.”


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