Police forces arrived at the home of local clerical worker Hayley Susing (24) after reports of high pitched screaming from her Flight Path District apartment which thankfully, turned out to be dog video related.

At approximately 9:45 pm, Susing’s neighbour Donatello Pajaron heard a sharp series of screams from her apartment and immediately called the police.

Hearing continued screams, the first respondents enacted an immediate plan to enter the apartment by force, knocking down the front door to discover Ms. Susing was watching a video of a puppy eating a watermelon on her phone.

“I just get so excited, it’s so cute!” stated Susing at a pitch that could almost get the attention of nearby dogs.

“Look at them, they’re just babies!”

After the initial chaos of having her home broken into by a group of a dozen armed men and women, Susing invited them to sit with her and watch the remainder of the video, the climax of which involved one puppy licking watermelon off another’s nose.

More to come.


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