Australian Federal Police officers have finally been released from Darwin hospital more than eight hours after a failed raid of the NT news over a series of 2017 stories known as the Dildo Files.

The stories, by NT investigative journalists revealed allegations of unlawfully sized dildo being sold in prominent Darwin sex shops and were based off hundreds of pages of secret Defence documents leaked to the NT News.

AFP officers served the NT News legal team with a warrant and searched for information related to the warrant.

The AFP officers took with them two USB drives containing a small number of electronic files, which were sealed in plastic bags pending a review by NT news lawyers.

However, before they were able to leave the premises, the Feds were accosted by several saltwater crocodiles at the entrance to the iconic Territorian media organ’s newsroom.

The officers were unable to leave the building with the documents in question, after losing the plastic bags of seized items to a death roll.

One officer is reportedly suffering from severe lacerations to his arsehole, with another nearly losing an ankle.

Representatives from PETA arrived on the scene to rescue the crocodiles, before berating the officers for feeding them plastic.


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