Staff at the Australian Federal Police have today been treated to a little moment of comic relief, taking their minds off carrying out what arguably appears to be politically motivated raids on news organs.

After hitting the ABC and NewsCorp over the last couple of days in something that looks an awful lot like an attack on democracy and the freedom of journalists to hold those in power to account, the AFP is currently deciding what to do next.

With raids just carried out on Bathurst and the Canberra Raiders, someone at the organisation then ludicrously suggested raiding A Current Affair.

The suggestion from a junior in the ranks set the entire department into rapture.

“[Ah ha ha] I think he’s being serious, Raid A Current Affair, you want us to spring a surprise on Daily Mail too,” laughed an old detective uncontrollably.

After a short period of laughter all round, another detective wiped the tears from his eyes before saying; “Ah that’s good. All those whistleblowers calling out dodgy tradies and milk powder shoppers ‘threatening national security.'”

“You may actually be on to something there though.”

“Nine owns Fairfax now.”

“And they still report on some stuff that portrays the government and national security in a bad light, so maybe we should actually pay them a visit.”

“Just to let them know they shouldn’t be getting an ideas.”


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