In some shocking news this morning, the rest of Australia has re-affirmed to the AFL that they aren’t really that keen on having planeloads of Victorians flying into their states or territories.

South Australia has joined Queensland in shutting its borders to Victorians, and the AFL are frantically trying to shuffle games around, with Gillon McLachlan desperately trying to figure out how to relocate the 10 Victorian teams.

A New South Wales hub has been touted, as well as some vague pie in the sky ideas about Cairns or Darwin that almost certainly are not going to get up as possible relocation options.

The AFL has already moved around a stack of games this weekend due to the border closures and is trying to work through the surprising fact that no one wants people flying from the Coronavirus hotspot into their regions and localities.

“Yeah, nah we are all good,” explained South Australian Premier Steven Marshall.

“After all that shit-talking the Victorians did about us, they can keep the Covid to themselves thanks very much.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has echoed those sentiments, confirming she’s held firm on the border for months, she’s not going to go soft for some dirty Melbournians.

“Absolutely not. Our tourism industry is dying as quickly as the Great Barrier Reef. I’m not going to potentially undo all of the work stopping the Covid up here by just letting some grubs who cough on each other up here for the weekend to play a bit of Victorian field Ping Pong,” she said.

Surprisingly, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and NSW all unofficially confirmed that their position was similar, but have yet to publicly break the news.

More to come.


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