As we reach two decades since the 9/11 attacks, there is an abundance of new documentaries dissecting the profound impact of the September 11 attacks, just in time to fill the empty void left by a lack of things like Thursday Night Footy.

20 years after the world-altering terrorist attack, westerners are still consuming documentaries about the attack that killed 2,996 US citizens.

9/11 documentaries range from informative to conspiratorial, catering for all types of viewers but especially for people who like to really sink their teeth into some Thursday night TV but can’t because the footy isn’t on then until March next year.

One such viewer is Timothy Pegg, who plans on filling the empty space in his heart and night TV schedule with a big ol’ Netflix doco about the terror attacks that interrupted his Cheese TV viewing 20 years ago.

“Wow, this doco on 9/11 reckons it goes further than all the others to date,” stated Pegg of Betoota Heights, who would really rather be watching Big Tino concuss some bloke right now instead.

“I’ll pop it on, why the fuck not?”


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