A couple dozen drug-addicted low-income waste-of-oxygen junkie cockroaches caused incredibly inconvenient roadblocks in CBDs around the country yesterday, according to the Murdoch newspapers and Sky News.

The piece of shit low-breed no-hoper ice addicts were protesting the federal government’s alleged mishandling of the alleged bushfire crisis and its attitude towards the made up climate change hoax – again – according to the Murdoch journalists who once dreamed of breaking important stories on Four Corners.

The event in Sydney’s CBD was set up a few weeks ago by Uni Students for Climate Justice, in conjunction with Extinction Rebellion.

This comes as a senior employee at News Corp has resigned from the Australian news monopoly, sending out a company-wide email accusing them of “misrepresenting facts” when it comes to the climate change debate.

She accused the media arm of the Morrison government of running a “misinformation campaign” and using reports of arson to try and divert attention away from the real cause of our current bushfire crisis.

“I find it unconscionable to continue working for this company, knowing I am contributing to the spread of climate change denial and lies,” she wrote.

“The reporting I have witnessed in The Australian, the Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun is not only irresponsible, but dangerous and damaging to our communities and beautiful planet that needs us more than ever now to acknowledge the destruction we have caused and start doing something about it.”

However, the editors and executives from News Corp insist they only provided balanced debate regarding the ailing health of planet Earth – with Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, Prue MacSween and all of those other widely read conservatives offering both sides of the undebatable cold hard facts surrounding climate change.

Today the papers have reported that while the months of sky-smothering smoke is hard to deny, the protests being made by the couple dozen of worthless leftards who are probably drugged up immigrants from those fucked up countries with heaps of terrorists will likely achieve nothing because there was so few of them and the government doesn’t listen to large groups of angry people anyway – unless they are surrounding the boardroom table of a tax-evading fossil fuels corporation.

Over 1 billion animals have perished in the last four months, over 3000 homes have been lost and close to 30 people have died, including those two that Scotty said hadn’t died.


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