Five million Queenslanders are now being told its okay to begin self-isolating, after the entire state were forced to squeeze in one last democratic duty before shutting up shop.

Coronavirus cases continue to grow in the Sunshine State, with the health department announcing 31 new positive tests over night, bringing the state total to 656.

With music festivals, sporting matches and church services cancelled – the Queensland council elections were placed in the ‘too hard’ pile – with residents urged to just get out quickly and get this done with.

While having millions of people share the same pencil in an enclosed space doesn’t seem very responsible, government officials say that now is not the time to discuss the very overdue transition to online voting.

This also means that Queensland local councils are so corrupt that the entire population north of the Tweed would rather gamble with death than see another mayor’s second-cousin get a DA approved for a new housing estate on a couple paddocks on the outskirts of town.

Due to the complications of COVID-19 affecting the electoral commissions counting processes – Queenslanders will wait longer than usual to find out who their council will be.


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