Still to this day, local woman Lilly Ellis wishes she was cool.

In her teen years, Lilly had attempted multiple times to rebrand her dorky image into something far more mysterious, but admits now that smudged kohl eyeliner and selective muteness was less Effy Stonem and more weird chick that draws anime in the back of the library.

You’d think being moderately successful would help erase some of the pain from her past, but for Lilly, no amount of academic achievement could ever top that elusive ‘cool’ high of being a popular kid.

Though she can only imagine what it would have been like to be universally accepted by her peers, Lilly reckons she did get score some cool points once when she successfully rapped a full verse from Juicy by Notorious B.I.G at a house party but that it had ‘all gone downhill from there.’

Now, a solid ten years later, Lilly still finds herself completely helpless to the opinion of girls who, for the most part, aren’t even old enough to lodge a tax return.

That, coupled with her ever-constant need of approval from pencil-thin white guys, suggest that Lilly perhaps hasn’t moved past some of her adolescent trauma.

Of course, these pushed down feelings of insecurity few and far between until today, when a new route to walk saw Lilly breezing past her the one thing that would unravel her confident facade – hot highschool chicks.

With their skirts rolled up a way past their thighs, and their hands clasped together to shield what appeared to be a jay, the small group of giggling school girls were far cooler than Lilly could handle on a day she’d chosen to wear her guacamole coloured jacket.

It’s likely the pack of schoolgirls were giggling at something completely unrelated to Lilly, but that won’t stop her from thinking about it for the rest of the day.

More to come.


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