A local mate who always wants to take matters into his own hands has been told to do just that today. 

Enjoying a couple of perfectly cold, glorious Friday afternoon schooners at a licenced establishment before moving onto a more formal event, Luke Hunt has been asked to steer the ship for his mates – in a slightly less polite manner. 

“Fucken book it then big fella, go for your life,” said one of the group after Hunt piped up with a suggestion. 

The barefoot disciple received the instruction after firing up his new Placie account to get the cheapest service and informing his mates that they were paying through the nose. 

“If you’ve got it cheaper with your shiny new Sky Scanner for Ubers and shit, then be our guest,” said one. 

“Don’t let me stop you,” said another who has five tv and sporting subscription services he couldn’t be bothered to cancel. 

Laughing off the shit talk, Hunt then pleaded with the boys to stop pissing their money away when they don’t have to. 

“Don’t be boomers with this shit and just pay through the nose for surging prices every time,” he said. 

“Placie boys, I’m telling you. It checks all the Ola’s and taxis of the world and just orders you the cheapest one.” 

“I’m just trying to help you boys save time and money,” said the local Scott Pape, who would drink vanilla essence if it was the happy hour special. 

“Just cause you public servants make good coin, doesn’t mean you need to spend it all,” he continued as the boys tuned out and asked when their ride was turning up. 

More to come. 


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