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A downtrodden old-timer reckons this year has been quite a punish for him – and everyone in the wider community.

He says this despite standing next to his new 300-Series Landcruiser Sahara ZX, which he said was the only good thing to come to him this year.

“Oh yeah, mate,” said Wal Cooper, a semi-retired grazier who’s just grown the best wheat crop the Diamantina’s seen for a generation.

“This year has been brutal. These bloody lockdowns and all the deaths. Just terrible, mate. Nah, we’ve been suffering up here, too, in the bush. No tourists coming through spending money. No grey nomads to complain about everything and steal the goona wrap from the public shitters,”

“I’ve got a bit of a tax problem, too. I haven’t been able to carry many losses forward from previous years and the depreciation hasn’t been that bad because of the chip shortage. Plus, if anything, my new car has gone up in value so, yeah, it’s been a bit of a slog. Anyway, the country is starting to dry out again and I’m optimistic that next year will be better.”

More to come.


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