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When local woman Anita Fortunati had walked into the Zara department store this afternoon, she’d figured sourcing something she saw on the website would be a simple enough task, as a green satin button up really shouldn’t be that hard to find – and in the event that she can’t spot it, it’s an easy description to give to an employee.

But fuck, it appears finding an employee is just as hard as navigating what might possibly be the most un-user friendly fashion site she’s ever been on. You’d think she was browsing Gucci.

Not wanting to line up and annoy the people on the tils, Anita found herself making a few laps around the bottom floor trying to find someone in a uniform (good luck) or even just anyone with a lanyard. Heck, even just someone with an air of professionalism would help.

Finally, after dedicating a solid ten minutes to her search, Anita theorises that the person rearranging clothes on one of the racks must be an employee, putting an end to the shittiest game of Pokemon she’s ever played.

But unfortunately for Anita, it appears the employees also have the exact same amount of hostility as the Pokemon trainers too.

Which she discovered after having the audacity to ask for help.

“Hi, do you work here?”

Meeting her eyes with a glare so contemptuous, Anita felt herself shrinking into the ground, the employee answers with a very curt ‘yes.’

“Um, do you know where this shirt is?”, asks Anita, showing the screenshot from her phone.

Barely glancing at the image, the heavy lidded employee lets out a long suffering sigh as they point to the corner of the store, stating that it’s ‘probably over there.’

“Um..okay thanks.”

More to come.


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