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Move over, Clyde! There’s a new bad boy in town!

Or at least, that’s what you’d think.

A local marketing and public relations account manager has taken to social media for the fourth time this quarter to declare her inextinguishable love for her ‘partner in crime.’

However, Ellie Waterford and her new hubby Matt Cartwright haven’t had so much as an unpaid parking fine between them, let alone multiple criminal convicts for serious offences.

But that doesn’t stop the globe-trotting couple from leading each other around the world by the hand, letting it be known to their hundreds of Instagram followers and Facebook friends that their most recent trip to Barcelona wouldn’t have been possible without having their favourite convicted criminal beside them.

“Wintering in Europe with my partner in crime was simply perf[ect],” said Ellie.

“What that crime is, I don’t know. Mangling local customs, staying in AirBnBs that price locals out of the housing market? But I know what is a crime, not travelling and experiencing new things,”

“And I love doing all that with Matty boy my little partner in crime.”

The Advocate‘s reporter then questioned Ellie about how far she’s willing to take this seemingly not very toxic relationship.

She has no idea what ‘doing over a servo means’ and apparently only does cocaine when someone else has paid for it.

More to come.


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