With the strange laws policing the dancing at nightclubs, many people have instead turned to throwing house parties – which in all honesty they were probably doing during the height of COVID anyway.

The girls at 328 Daroo Road have gladly taken on this responsibility as their rooftop apartment is a stone’s throw away from the nearest swanky bars and restaurants, making it a perfect pre drinking spot.

Plus the cleaners are coming in this Tuesday, so they only have to lie around in their filth for a couple of days.

However, tonight’s shindig, which was previously intended to be a ‘small one’ has quickly turned from debaucherous with the sudden arrival of a significantly older bloke, who naturally sticks out like dogs balls amongst the sea of young adults who all look like they’re fresh out of high school. Which means he can only be there for one reason.

Sharing a knowing look across the crowded lounge area, the ring leader, Izzie assembles her mates Addie and Georgia, before pointedly heading off to the nearest bedroom.  When it’s evident the girls aren’t going in there for a wardrobe change, they’re soon joined by the resident sesh gremlin, Mark.

“Whatcha doooooing?” asks Mark innocently as he slowly opens up the door.

Looking up like a trio of startled deer, the girls are relieved to discover that it’s only Mark and offer him a rolled $20 note to share in their overpriced caffeine that’s likely 90% boric acid.

More to come.


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