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The state media run by the Democratic People’s Republic of Western Australia [DPRWA] Government is claiming that 250 people will die per second in the Eastern States when restrictions are lifted there next month.

It comes as the rogue state refuses to commit to opening up to the rest of the planet, with leader Mark McGowan telling state reporters that he will not put his beloved people to the sword like leaders in less developed parts of the continental landmass have.

“If anything, we should be mobilising our militias to free our cousins over east from tyranny,” said McGowan.

“We have a duty, as West Australians, to stand up for what is right and just. We have been threatened before, by a beanbag with eyes who digs up minerals and doesn’t end up paying the people who did it for them,”

“I will not bow to any pressure by anybody. When you look at all the state and territory leaders, I am by far the most fit and powerful. I could crush Steven Marshall with my bare hands. I do not want to but if push came to shove, I could do it. I am full of strength. Perhaps Gunner would give me a run for my money but I feel the fight is bigger in me,”

“That being said, our very accurate and genius modeling conducted by my government has predicted that 250 people will die, per second, in NSW when the restrictions are lifted. That will not be happening here.”

When asked by a state reporter when people from the east would be allowed to come to the West, McGowan laughed.


More to come.


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