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A former security guard at Betoota Heights Stockland revealed to The Advocate that he frequently witnessed people shoplifting from the supermarket. However, he admitted to turning a blind eye due to his personal convictions. He believes that both Coles and Woolworths mistreat farmers and customers alike.

One particular incident stands out in the man’s memory, which occurred shortly before he was let go and then offered his job back on a casual contract.

“A man walked in, appearing as though he had just leaped out of a moving car ten minutes earlier,” he recounted.

“Typically, such behavior would trigger increased scrutiny, as per our training. We were taught to be watchful of anyone who doesn’t seem familiar with the Wallabies’ starting backline. The assumption is that such individuals might attempt shoplifting,” he explained.

“This man proceeded to fill his bag with an assortment of items – apples, pears, meat, and various ready-to-eat foods. Eventually, he made his way to the self-checkout, where he purchased a pack of gum using coins. After receiving his receipt, he left the premises. As our eyes met, I could sense his internal struggle – debating whether to abandon the bag and escape or remain seated, awaiting law enforcement. And I’m not referring to the standard police officers; I mean the ones in boiler suits, ready to use force. They often provoke confrontation, waiting for an excuse to deploy their telescopic batons and resort to physical measures.”

“Having broken eye contact, I moved to the opposite side of the entrance. When I turned back, he had vanished. Interestingly, his theft involved not cigarettes or alcohol, but approximately 40 packets of chicken chips, assorted fruits, and a can of Rockstar energy drink. I can’t help but applaud his audacity.”

“When they attempted to manipulate me with that contract proposal, I felt justified in my actions. Coles and Woolworths rake in exorbitant profits while bullying producers and customers. Under these circumstances, stealing from them seems almost ethical. Those who obstruct a petty thief’s path toward a billion-dollar corporation are the real fools.”

The Advocate reached out to Coles and Woolworths for comments, yet no response has been received as of now.

More to come.


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