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Despite calling them another name beginning with R, a Betoota Heights tradesperson reckons he’ll give R-plate drivers enough space to feel safe and sincerely told The Advocate that he’ll treat them as if they’re cyclists.

After Nic Iraklidis said that to our reporter, he accused our reporter of trying to make him laugh.

“Oi, don’t make that face at me,” he said.

“Nah, I do treat cyclists with respect! [laughs] Stop looking at me like that, you fuck head. Nah, I reckon the R-plates are a mad idea. Like if you can’t drive, like you fucking merge in on me because you can’t use your fucking mirrors then yeah, maybe I won’t beep you or even throw a handful of change at your car at the next lights,”

“Fuck! [laughs] Stop making me laugh, cunt! Nah, I will, bro. I promise.”

When asked if he thought that putting R-plates on your car would make you a target, the 25-year-old Ford Ranger Raptor owner nodded and laughed again.

“Fucken oath, bro. I might get some to put on the boss’ car. Fuck, that’d be so funny. I would never ever put those on my car. The boys would roast me into the ground, bro. I literally would not be able to function as a human. I would just get roasted,” he continued.

“But yeah, like a target from dickheads. Like, I’d never do that to an R-plate driver,”

“I swear.”

More to come.


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