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The Advocate can reveal today that a local tradesman has taken time out of his busy afternoon to ask a fellow tradesman if he has much work on at the moment.

Exchanging a few words while maintaining the status quo, Dennis Coleman, a local roofer and Martin McDougall, a local plumber, both asked each other how their respective businesses were traveling at the moment and how their Easter.

“Yeah, got a few contracts going,” said Coleman.

“Not like last year, but. Had twenty blokes on last April working out at the Daroo display village.”

Echoing the roofer’s sentiments, Martin said he also looks back on the big Daroo display village contracts he had last year with fond memories.

“Yeah, those were the good old days. When the Shire minded their own business. But yeah, nah,” he said.

“Bit slow at the moment, mate. Spent a bomb over Easter down at Noosa, seeing the missus’ folks. So yeah, looking for work if you’ve got some going, joog.”

More to come.




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