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A remarkably unpopular local parking ranger is in the hospital this morning and a French Quarter builder is facing charges after a heated argument turned physical in a Rue de Branlette loading zone around 9 am.

Police will allege that David Conn, of Allen Street in Betoota Heights, drilled a hole in the hand of Bradley Wallace Coleman during a confrontation over a parking ticket.

Coleman, who has been working as a parking ranger for the Diamantina Shire Council for almost a decade, told police that Conn had parked his late model Great Wall Steed 4×2 in a loading zone illegally.

When asked to move his Chinese billycart to a legal park, Conn allegedly threatened to ‘get’ the parking ranger if he went near his car.

Witnesses say Conn used ‘the foulest possible language’ and picked up an idle drill to threaten Coleman with.

As the verbal tit-for-tat began to escalate, Coleman raised his hands in an effort to pacify Conn, who then proceeded to drill a hole clean through one of the outstretched palms in front of his face.

Special Constable Annie Spears, of South Betoota Police, said the investigation into the incident and more information will be made available to the public as it comes.

More to come.


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