Diane Williamson kisses her son, Charlie, on the cheek.

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Betoota Grove mother-of-three, Diane Williamson, says she couldn’t be happier about her oldest son found a new group of friends to go skateboarding with – providing they wear helmets.

“So many kids spend all their time inside nowadays, I’m just glad Charlie has found a group of friends that like getting outdoors. I feel like a hip mummy when I use their skateboarding lingo… ‘ripping cones’.

“He loves going down to the skate park to rip cones with those boys.”

Diane feels the hobby of skateboarding is a great way for young boys to pick up life skills.

“Just the other day I found him cutting off a bit of the garden hose to help repair his skateboard… those things require a lot of maintenance, he has pretty much pinched every pair of scissors in the house!”

Charlie’s mother claims she has noticed a noticeably positive attitude change in her son as well.

“Every afternoon he comes home from skating, he always finds the time to curl up on the couch with his little brothers to watch their Spongebob cartoons. Ripping cones really tuckers him out,”

“I have no problem with skateboarding so long as they are wearing helmets, brain damage is my number one concern.”


  1. Im sorry to break it to you but your ignorance and neivity is down right stupid and should grow up considering you are a 40 something year old woman who apparently has never been a teenager, hes smoking marijuana and hes using the scissors to chop it up and the hose as a downstem to smoke bongs.

  2. HI, as a frequent /r/trees user and advocate of the MMA (Marijuana Memes Association) I’d just like to say that Jim is a very good friend of mine. We like to hang out and ‘punch cones’ (smoke trees lol) together. I met him at a notorious fedora convention when he was wearing a shirt that said “420 blaze it”. Also his mom was really hot so I invited him to get our /r/trees on and after we smoked a whole bowl from my MFLB [Magic Flight Launch Box] we went for munchies at taco bell and got a Doritos Taco and some Mtn Dew Baja Blast.

    Did I say I’m at a [10] btw?

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    It’s safer then drinking
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    And hemp found in “weeds” is used in so many things


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