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A full-time-live-at-home-son from our town’s leafiest enclave of Betoota Grove has been parroting his Dad’s opinions to anyone who’ll listen today, despite him living off his old man like an over-grown remora fish for the past decade.

In addition to that, William-John John-Taylor said that if people think things are bad now, wait until the Labor Party gets in.

“Things will be worse under Labor,” said the 32-year-old.

“Interest rates, inflation, tax. They’ll all go up. Unemployment. On top of that, they want to introduce more taxes on hard-working Australians, like my Dad, which will trickle down and harm his employees because he won’t be able to pay them properly,”

“I’ve just come back from Thredbo and things have gotten real bad down there [laughs] It snowed there in April, which Dad said is funny considering the planet is supposed to be getting hotter. I think it’s pretty dangerous that they can just use lies like climate change to tax us more and get more power over our destiny.”

When asked what negative gearing was, William-John said he didn’t know exactly but he knew it was bad.

As of right now, William-John said he is looking for the right job and moved home earlier this year while he tried to find his passion.

“I’m thinking about getting into the start-up space, maybe something with cryptos. But yeah, I’m just looking for the right opportunity.”

He went on to explain that despite not having an income at the moment, he’s still able to maintain an acceptable quality of life through the magic of credit cards.

“When one stops working, you just get another one and pay the other one with the new one while spending the difference. I’ve got like 50 000 Qantas Points doing this. Then when they start calling you, I just ask Dad for a small loan and the problem goes away,”

“It’s not crazy, it’s just a lazy ten grand here and there. He knows once I start working at the next unicorn and get some equity, I’ll be good for it.”

More to come.


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