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A young man from our town’s leafiest enclave has told The Advocate something his Dad told him a few weeks ago that he now parrots to anyone who’ll listen to him.

The Betoota Grove youngster, Harry-Roland Thomas-Gregory, explained that Australian families can’t afford to throw all our progress away and vote in a Labor Government that’s going to spend all our money on things like dentistry for people on Centrelink and hospitals in non-marginal regional areas.

“The Liberals are better economic managers, they’re proven that time and time again,” said the 19-year-old student at the prestigious South Betoota Polytechnic School of Art & Design For The Directionless Fuck Ups Of Rich People.

“If we get Albo in, families will do it tough. Labor is bad for business and business is the engine room of the economy. I take it you’ve never run a small business? If Albo gets in, he’ll make employers, like my Dad, pay parental leave on top of what the government pays. That will gripple our family office,”

“The Liberals put the personal responsibility on the person. You are responsible for your own destiny, not me or the bloke down the street.”

When asked if he’d like to keep on going, Harry-Roland said he was out of talking points.

“That’s all Dad said before he dropped me off at Art School. If you want to know more, you can go and see him at work or the golf course.”

Pressed for an answer, Harry-Roland said he wasn’t parroting back what his Dad said without even thinking independently on it, he was just doing what family does.

“I’m just going what family does.”

More to come.


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