Melbourne local and Storm fanatic Brett Moore (33) has had what is very fair to call a ‘mixed bag’ of a year.

“The way my Storm has played has been the jaffas in my mixed bag,” grinned a weary Moore as he donned his purple scarf. 

“The lockdowns have been the chocolate-coated possum poo, my job has been a great big maggot-ridden apple.”

“But yeah, the Storm have been getting me through some of it. I guess.”

Fortunately for Moore, the current COVID-19 rules will allow him to have up to two guests visit and watch his beloved Melbourne Storm compete in the 2020 NRL Grand Final as long as they wear a mask and are socially distant.

Unfortunately for the Melbourne fanatic he could comb his 25km radius all day and not find another NRL fan who would watch the game with him.

In past years Moore states he has had success managing to convince a few fence sitters to watch the ‘Northern Grand Finals’ the Storm has competed in but states that this year is a wash considering house visits are precious and that a ‘real footy team’ won a ‘real grand final’ last night. 

“It’s alright, what’s one more lonely weekend? Go Storm.”


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