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Facebook friends of the substitute teacher and hobbyist comedian Harry Rovedi (27) have been notified that their friend’s career in comedy is looking more promising as their profile picture has changed to a photo of them performing stand up.

The photo in question was taken by a friend of Rovedi’s while he was onstage, likely performing one his jokes about his English second language father, experiences on Tinder or the funny things he says to charity workers.

Updated during prime social media hours, Rovedi changed his profile picture at 7:55 pm on Thursday to a photo of him smiling while holding a microphone, his face lit by a stage light, reinforcing the idea that his stand up is getting pretty serious guys.

“I didn’t know things were moving so fast for him,” stated Rovedi’s aunt Emelia.

“Good for him. Great job.”

He hopes the attention his new ‘trophy profy’ has received will notify people that his stand up career is progressing as he continues to open for other comedians on his level and considers eventually MCing an event.

The photo has so far generated 78 Facebook reactions, including 61 likes, 16 love reacts and one lone plane reaction that Rovedi is reportedly secretly stoked about.

Comments on the photo so far have included “looking good,” “FUNNY MAN,” and “when’s your gig at the Apollo?”

Rovedi is yet to respond to the comments, as he wants people to think he’s busy with his income absorbing career in comedy.

Pundits claim the photo is helping him cement his reputation as the guy from his high school that got into comedy and will add an extra boost to his podcast which mostly features comedians from the local comedy scene discussing comedians from the local comedy scene.

As the photo continues to grow in popularity, Rovedi hinted there may be more to the image than it first appears.

“Well, the good thing about the photo is that you can’t see the audience,” stated Rovedi.

“People needn’t know there were six people in the audience who were all comedians. That’s neither here nor there.”


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