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A French Quarter agency professional has spoken of her previous life working the many sports bars and grand old pubs of the Old City District, telling The Advocate this afternoon that she really misses those days and wishes she could go back to that simpler time.

“Yeah sure, I was really underpaid and they never gave me my super but it was actually a super fun job and we had such a great crew. We’d work hard all week then go out on Sunday night after close until Monday, we’d crash then go out again on Monday night,” said Rosie Thyme, who now works for some soulless multinational public relations firm.

“My job now pays heaps better and there’s great security in that but I’ve got bosses who are like 60 and can barely unlock their mobile phones, let alone run a digital campaign for Coca-Cola. Then there’s the middle manager who pretend that their client, which is always something brain-meltingly boring like a sports betting agency or alcohol brand, is the coolest thing in the world and what they do is groundbreaking,”

“And my crew are all English people who all seem to be from Essex or Kent so they have that dumb London accent that sounds like they should be getting exploited on a farm outside of Ingham instead of being in an office with me,”

“Sure, I’d probably do one day back at the pub and want to come back to my nice office job. Maybe like working a Melbourne Cup at the Grand Railway or Lord Royal Betoota would make me realise that getting yelled and clicked at by well-healed fuckwits for 15-hours just isn’t for me,”

“Who knows.”

More to come.


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