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A sodden reveller at Splendour in the Grass has had his day go from bad to worse after dropping a near-new blueberry vape in the mud, forcing him to scream in panic as it disappeared beneath the muck.

Witnesses say the man was knocked by a passerby, which flung his vape into the path of an ongoing four-wheel motorbike. It disappeared under the machine and couldn’t be seen on the ground after it’d passed.

One young man told The Advocate via wireless telephone that he heard screaming and initially thought the man had been run over by the four-wheeler.

“He screamed, ‘Nooooooo!’ and then swore as he threw himself into the wheel ruts,” he said.

“All the time, he was just screaming and screaming. It sounded like someone was being murdered. People came running. I wouldn’t have surprised me if the rescue chopper’s blades had started spinning up on the Gold Coast,”

“But then I heard screaming things like, ‘I only just bought the cunt!’ and ‘Please help me find it’. Which I guess is fair enough,”

“It’s not like vapes are going to be easy to come by up here this weekend. I really did feel for him. There’s honestly nothing worse.”

More to come.


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