It’s official, the silly season is here!

The declaration was made moments ago at a popular bar in Betoota’s Old City District, by a 40-year-old mother of two named Cheryl.

Cheryl Harrigan officially kicked off the festive season this evening when she informed her colleagues that she was ‘lit.’

With her husband out of town for a golf weekend and her kids at her mothers, Cheryl decided to let her hair down a little bit for the customary after work Friday drinks.

Knocking over a couple of beers and a bubbly, Cheryl declared herself ‘lit’ in a sign that her fellow employees should potentially be on notice.

“When the hubby’s away, the girl will play. I’m liiiiiiit (sic),” laughed Cheryl to her colleagues.

“Lets have fun tonight!”

The bold declaration was lost on a few of her colleagues powering through the happy hour drinks.

However, it wasn’t lost on fellow office worker Alecia Hardwick.

“This is a HR disaster in the making,” explained Hardwick.

“Because of Cheryl’s general obligations, she doesn’t drink that often, and when she does, she tends to let rip as you can imagine.”

“A couple of Christmas party’s ago she was very lucky she didn’t land herself in hot water with HR, and declaring herself ‘lit’ this early in the afternoon tends to indicate she could be on a tear.”

“Looks like it’s safe to say the silly season is here.”





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