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You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and for residents located at 21 Bourke St Betoota Heights, they’ve learnt this the hard way. 

The OG roomie and dad of the household has now done what some dads tend to do.

He’s left.

Will Becker [32] is said to have been a resident in the sharehouse since it was originally rented out, living in the top bedroom for three and a half years. Taking care of everything, including buying all the appliances, utensils and knowing when bin day was, he had naturally assumed the position as the house patriarch, which his roommates had sadly taken for granted.

Until now.

It’s alleged the entire household quickly went into disarray just two weeks after he left, including multiple wheelie bin thefts (from leaving them out for too long), the kitchen becoming a disaster zone, and the fact that the house was now stripped bare – with Will taking his vacuum cleaner, television, dish rack, kettle, toaster, iron and microwave.

Now, the household has been forced to stand on their own two feet, but have so far been loath to do so – embarking on day 63 of living without some very important household items.

The household is said to have adapted quite quickly to living without these items, having resorted to boiling their water the Victorian way and simply learning to coexist with their dust mites.

More to come.


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