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Stressed, late for work and her favourite reality television amateur chef got eliminated last night.

Margot Flower is pissed off.

The bubbly Sydneysider’s commute to work this morning has been ruined because of the record-breaking rain that the hell hole is currently experiencing.

However, upon her arrival to work, her grievances with the weather were quickly shot down by the NSW Premier who was on the flatscreen in the lobby of her office block.

“Do not complain about this fucking rain, you self-centred fuckwits,” said Gladys Berejiklian.

“Think about the farmers out west who’ve just got their first big rain in years. Think about them, about how happy they’d be right now. Finally. And you cunts have the gall to complain and whinge about your train being late,”

“Go and get fucked. You live in one of the safest, most developed and beautiful cities in the world and all I fucking hear is whinge, whinge FUCKING whinge from you fucks! Just fuck right off, would you? My job is hard enough as it is without you narcissistic gronks complaining about the weather. Fucking deal with it!”

The Premier then flipped off the reporters present at the Macquarie Street presser and went back inside Parliament.

Speaking to The Advocate a short time ago, Margot said that dressing down that she and the millions of other rats in that six-horse brothel town got from the Premier was unexpected.

“She’s right,” Margot told our reporters.

“We must not complain about the weather because of the farmers. The farmers need the rain – and the rain is here. It’d be good for the dams. We need water in the dams,”

“And if that means I’m inconvenienced by rain once or twice a month, then I’m OK with that. Thank you Gladys Berejiklian for putting it all in perspective for me.”

The rain continues in Sydney while the rest of the country – and the world revolves around it.

More to come.


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