An RSL staff member was alerted to a potential drunk as sources reveal a man was seen having a yarn with the Guide Dogs Australia Donation Dog.

Staff say the man caught their attention as it was unusual to see someone under the age of sixty that early in the morning.

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“Yeah he was having a good old chat with the dog, giving it a lot of head pats”, says Richie, one of the clubs regulars, “got the shock of his life when someone put a coin in its head.”

The man in question, a sparky named Joe, had taken the morning off to play the pokies when he had a few too many Betoota Bitters.

Instead of landing face down into a lukewarm parmigiana like the rest of the patrons, Joe sought out the RSL’s resident good boy.

Patrons first spotted the man attempting to give the dog a belly rub when he signed in, and say he continued to return to the kind-eyed hunk of plastic throughout the day.

“He asked me why the dog was so quiet,” chuckles Richie, “thought he was sick or something.”

At one point, Joe attempted to drag the dog out of the RSL in a bid to take him for a walk. It was reported that the staff didn’t interfere and weren’t too concerned about the whole situation.

“Yeah we weren’t worried” says Richie, “we’re the largest coin carrying demographic so he wouldn’t have gotten very far.”

Eyewitnesses say that Joe was eventually kicked out of the club for his drunken antics, and sent on his way home. 

“They ended up putting him in a taxi,” says Richie.


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