In the courtyard of Betoota Heights Tavern, a rockabilly themed night has attracted swarms of rockabilly people who have gathered to eat hotdogs with cheese and nod at other rockabilly people.

Believed to have been started back in 2012 when Valiant driving single mum Amy Diff (52) first rolled into town, Betoota has boasted a quiet rockabilly subculture ever since.

Although it’s clear most of the town doesn’t quite get the appeal of pin up girl tattoos, wavy hair with bows in it and toothpicks just cause you feel like it, around 0.5% of the town does.

That half a percent of the town’s population continues to meet up once or twice a year to listen to Stray Cats, share polka dot related anecdotes and watch grown men play a drum kit while standing up.

“This baby is not for sale,” nodded one leather-jacket wearing man while opening the bonnet of his muscle car.

“So offers over $30k only.” 

Once the meeting of hair slicked men and women with exposed ankles would have frightened the townsfolk but these days locals are just happy that rockabilly types are hanging out with each other and not trying to make new rockabilly types who will nod along to a crawling double bass with them. 


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